About us

Pushing the Boundaries

Since its founding in 2003, PROFEN is not only a name but it has turned into a worldwide trusted brand. In its 15 years of service, PROFEN has been bravely questioning the status quo and setting the standard ever since. For its customers, PROFEN provides high-quality products ranging from electric and diesel forklifts, couplers and jackhammers to seats, buckets and genuine heavy equipment spares. In whatever we trade, we ensure the highest quality in product and after sales support.

It’s this commitment to quality and innovative spirit of ours that’s driven us forward and will continue to do so in the future. It’s how we’ve found inspiration in every challenge we’ve faced and overcome. Starting from East Asia and North America all the way down till South Africa, we have our products worldwide.

At PROFEN, we work as a team and we see all our customers as part of that team. It’s always been our aim to provide you with the durable, value for money products and services for our clients. The relationships we have with you and reputations we share mean everything to us.


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